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I made my first goose call in January of 2009. It just so happened that Indiana had a 15 day season in February. So a buddy of mine and I went to the river to give the calls a test run. The first group of geese flew right on by, not giving us a thought. The next group of about 30 birds was flying high and down river. I let the geese get by us a little ways and then hit them with a few fast double clucks, three geese peeled off of the group and came right into the deks. We scratched two. The third group of birds were flying the same direction and even higher. I again hit them with a few fast double clucks, and again I got two of the geese to come off the main group and right into the spread, more dead geese. A little while later a single goose was flying up river and we started to have a conversation back and forth, back and forth and before the goose know it he was floating belly up about 15 yards right in front of us. The last two geese of the day came from behind us and caught us off guard, we were standing up and talking. I told my buddy not to move, we let the two geese get by us, we then sat back down and I began to talk a little goose, they did a 180 and they came right in. My buddy stood up faster than I did and got off the first shot, missed, I now had a bead on the lead bird and I pulled the trigger and to my amazement there were two dead geese in the water.

What a great feeling I had that day, a great hunt with a close friend, knowing that I had made a goose call that fooled some fairly educated geese.


The Name...

The name "Cold Front Calls" came about because we as waterfowl hunters know ducks and geese jump on the North and Northwest winds of a cold front to conserve energy and migrate southward. Each of the goose and duck calls have a weather related name.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting this site and remind you to take a kid duck or goose hunting and remember to "Hunt the Front".

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