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You've earned your bragging rights! Send us your harvest photos and stories and we'll feature them on our site.

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Scott Porter from KY sent in this photo of his Cold Front Calls Down Draft duck call. Congrats Scott on these great looking mallards!!

This is the way my buddy Dave Smith's dog Zipper makes a double
retrieve, Not the first time this has happened either.

A nice harvest from Chad Weber while using his custom made Perfect Storm. Cross cut Hedge Barrel with Clear acrylic insert.

Great Job Chad

First duck of the year with my best hunting buddy. She couldn't wait to get hands on it.

Here is one of the reasons I enjoy making custom calls for my customers...This is JP Wagoner, this young man had a great game, scoring 3 TD's in his first High School football game. JP gave his dad his first helmet sticker. Tommy, the dad, then contacted me to make a custom call to put the sticker on. A great story and a great jester from JP to his dad. Congrats to you both.

Here is a hunt from my good friend Dave Smith from Michigan. These birds were taken with the use of his custom Vortex that was styled after his SX3.

Picture is from Jordan Schroeder of Manitoba, Canada. These geese fell to the sounds of his new Perfect Storm, that is on the Goose Call page BTW, its a Desert Ironwood Barrel and Ivory insert. CONGRATS Jordan!!

Picture supplied of Cory Sorenson of a nice pair of geese taken with the assistance of a Perfect Storm goose call.

Pic supplied by Matt Kenny

Matt Peterson harvested this goose with his hedge Alberta Clipper accented with a custom black anodized band.

Picture supplied by Matt Kenny with his Blue Pearl and Hedge Alberta Clipper.

Photo supplied by Jeff DeVries of this BANDED gooes taken during the 2013 early goose season, using his Blue Pearl Alberta Clipper with custom anodized orange band. Congrats in the BLING Jeff.

More 2013 BLING, this picture supplied by Rich Crosbie from a hunt during the early Michigan season.

We were able to scratch out three this morning, Thursday September 12, I mainly used the Perfect Storm with the new gut set up. The birds reacted well, but we were set up in the wrong spot according to the wind, Live and Learn!! Randy Cesco

Here's some geese that succumbed to the sweet music of a couple of clippers. Thanks a bunch Randy.

What a great way to put the finishing touches on the 2013 regular
season Dave!!

Picture from Jon Swaby with his new Alberta Clipper goose call and a nice days haul. They were cupped and committed to 15 yards.


Asa Jones took his second band of the season using a Blizzard XLB
Congrats Asa!!

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