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The Blizzard has undergone a complete overhaul, everything from the exterior design to the exhaust bore. We kept the successful design of the tone board but we have opened up the exhaust. The result...more volume when you need it, more rasp. All while keeping the back pressure for the fancy stuff. Bounce it, squeal it, whatever you want, just run it. Create your own Blizzard over your spread. Comes tuned as a single reed standard, makes a great double reed as well.





The Down Draft duck call is a single reed that was designed to be a complete hunting call. Hunting hails, boss hen, bouncing hens to soft quacks and chatter. The Down Draft transitions smoothly, from top to bottom, and better than average volume this call will serve you well in the blind and in the field. Take a Down Draft to your favorite honey hole and make your own Down Draft.





All calls are shipped via USPS, $7.00, with insurance and tracking.

Cold Front Calls Duck Call Pricing

Duck Calls All Wood (African Blackwood, Cocobola, Hedge and Bacote) $130.00

Wood with an acrylic insert $140.00

Stabilized Barrel with an acrylic insert $150.00

All Stabilized call with a sleeved insert $160.00

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