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Introducing...The "HPG" guts system

The High Pressure Gut has been slightly broke in, combine that, with a wider tone channel for the low end goosey sounds. With a shallow drop these guts do not take a lot of air to run. In fact, these guts run easier than most broke in guts on the market.

The "HPG" will perform quite well in each goose call of the Cold Front Calls line up. The "HPG" has the complete range you are looking for and expect from your next Cold Front Calls goose call. They will come tuned with a tipped and full reed. Two extra reeds will be sent with all custom call orders.

Put the pressure on the geese with a Cold Front Calls goose call loaded with the all new High Pressure Gut system.




Alberta Clipper

Alberta Clipper Goose callThe Alberta Clipper is my best selling goose call for this reason...Its a DO IT ALL Goose Call. It was built to be user friendly and still be able to grow with you as your skill level increases.
The "Clipper" has the ability to be quick with the TOTAL range, from the attention getting hail call to the low end work like moans and murmers. This call will a favorite of yours no matter your skill level. Available in acrylic, wood, and customize to your liking.





 Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm Goose CallHave you been in search of the "Perfect" hunting call?? One that has range, speed, volume and can get low and nasty?? If you answered "YES to either of these questions then you need the Perfect Storm.
I have combined the features of both the Alberta Clipper and the Vortex to create the Perfect Storm. The Perfect Storm has a shorter, more constricted, barrel for speed and a shorter, more open insert, for volume and range.
Create your own Perfect Storm over your spread. Available in acrylic, wood(s) or Custom Order.





Vortec Goose CallAre you running traffic, needing a loud fast goose call?? Than the Vortex goose call is your call. The Vortex goose call sports the shortest insert of all of the Cold Front Calls line up. With such a short insert, the caller needs to have proper hand position and good air presentation. This is a "callers call". Meaning you are in control of this goose call, not the other way around. The Vortex has outstanding volume, and range. Open this call up and hit some of the most attention getting high notes or close it down and get some nasty low end goose as well. Available in acrylic,and various woods.





All calls are shipped via USPS, $7.00, with insurance and tracking.

Cold Front Calls Goose Call Pricing

All Wood (African Blackwood, Cocobola, Hedge and Bacote) $135.00

Wood with an acrylic insert $145.00

Stabilized Barrel with an acrylic insert $155.00

All Stabilized call $170.00

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